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Canal Plus: These Tiny Turbines Can Turn Man-Made Waterways Into Power Plants

September 5, 2019 / by Hannah DeSoto

One company that knows all about the water-energy link is Atlanta-based Emrgy, which is harnessing the power of water flowing in irrigation channels — the man-made canals and waterways that crisscross arable land — to generate thousands of megawatt-hours of energy. Emrgy’s “micro hydrokinetic” technology might sound mysterious, but what it amounts to is a “beautifully simple” miniature hydropower plant, says Nicolas Serrie, hydro product management leader at GE Renewable Energy, which has partnered with Emrgy to commercialize its products.

GE will procure and also act as a sales agent for the turbines in selected geographies. That arrangement offers the Atlanta-based company unparalleled economies of scale, global reach and speed to market. “This partnership combines cutting-edge technology and innovation with world-class procurement and sales capabilities,” says Emrgy CEO Emily Morris.

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