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From Atlanta to Denver, Emrgy offers Plug-n-Play hope for Hydropower

March 13, 2018 / by Hannah DeSoto

Large hydropower long has been plagued by expensive civil engineering costs, lengthy project timelines and ecosystem destruction. Emrgy’s solution is plug-and-play: the modular parts are pre-fabricated with no civil engineering required. It’s low impact — no concrete is poured into water. And it can be installed in a matter of days. Emrgy’s customers are water authorities and water districts that heavily rely on energy to pump and treat water. As such, Emrgy’s distributed hydro system reduces both their energy consumption and costs.

Emrgy’s modular hydropower turbines have opened up a new possibility for continuous clean power. The company has built a proprietary database detailing over 15,000 miles of canals in just seven U.S. states that are attractive targets for installations, and with countless other low-flow waters, Emrgy’s innovation can easily scale to directly solve climate change.

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