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Emrgy offers scalable Plug-n-Play Hydropower Solutions

April 3, 2018 / by Hannah DeSoto

The book Drawdown, edited by Paul Hawken, lists the top 100 things humanity can do to limit global warming. Number 48 on that list is in-stream hydro. Unlike other renewable energy sources, it is capable of producing electricity continuously 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Emrgy has developed a self-contained plug-n-play in-stream hydro module that can harvest energy from slow-moving water streams. Each module produces consistent hydropower and the system is scalable, meaning that generating more electricity is as simple as adding more modules.

“I had the fire in my belly,” Morris explained. She just knew that something was special about the new hydro system, something that she could turn into a viable business. “I was personally inspired by the potential economic and community development impact that Emrgy could have,” Morris elucidated. She acquired 100 percent of the intellectual property to commercialize a technology that creates continuous, clean power from areas that are typically not thought of for power producers — canals.

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